Since graduating from University, Nine Feet Tall’s Tom Stayt has been lucky enough to go through two amazing experiences: playing professional sport for the team he grew up supporting – Gloucestershire County Cricket Club – and starting a small business. Here Tom shares his magnificent seven synergies between business and sport: 1.       Good teams […]

Although I spend much of my time helping the amazing RBN event organisers around the world, I also run a successful digital marketing and communications company called as Hannon Digital I often get wheeled in by senior execs of companies who want to transform themselves into digitally enabled businesses. That doesn’t mean firing humans and […]

Does everyone play rugby for the right reasons? There were never any other reasons to play before the game went professional, but that can no longer strictly be the case as some players now stay in the sport simply because they get paid.  This may sound unlikely, but if you’re involved at the higher end […]



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