Executive Director of the Australian Rugby Foundation, Peter Murphy speaks about how this non-profit organisation generates funds to assist the growth of Rugby at all levels and codes across the country. The ARF was established in 2014 and in April of this year Peter came on board and says that he draws on his sporting background, having represented Australia in Rowing and participating in two Olympic Games. Peter also has a background in fundraising and enjoys how he is able to merge this with Rugby and assist the sport in Australia.


Peter discusses the five strategic pillars of the foundation, the first being grassroots Rugby which he insists is strong at the moment, despite Rugby Union falling behind AFL, Football and Rugby League. Two other pillars are Women’s Rugby and Indigenous Rugby, with Peter expressing his delight at the growth of the Women’s game in the last few years, but confesses that more attention and funding needs to be given to the development of Indigenous players. The national High Performance Program also receives support from the ARF, while the fifth and final pillar is Player Welfare and Peter talks about how they have helped players affected by serious injury and their involvement with the Concussion Management Program and the trial run of the ‘blue card’ in games.

There are up and coming engagement events in Tokyo, London and Dubai to raise funds and Peter discusses how the foundation forms meaningful relationships with each of their investors, who wishes to support either of the five strategic pillars of the ARF. Peter says giving back to Rugby and sport in Australia is his reason for joining the foundation.


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“There are so many who want to support the game and they don’t know how and for us at the Australian Rugby Foundation we are giving them an opportunity to support this game philanthropically by making a tax deductible donation.” – Peter Murphy (Executive Director of the Australian Rugby Foundation)

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