The RBN is dedicated to assisting rugby players who are retiring from the game and facilitating the next phase of life off the pitch and into business.

Our Life After Rugby programme focuses on managing that transition and helping our members at every step.

Skiing With Heroes is a UK-based charity with a similar ethos to ours.  We believe there are compelling reasons to encourage our members to get involved with the charity and, in particular, their exciting January event.

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‘Skihabilitation’ is their version of our Life After Rugby programme.  It involves a specialised ski-based development, mentoring and employment programme for medically-discharged army Veterans.  It invovles a unique set of people with a unique set of challenges, looking to adjust to a new way of living.  Ultimately the aim is just like ours – to get their high achieving members into employment and a whole different way of life.

Where does the RBN come in?

Skiing with Heroes holds its annual ‘Business Challenge’ Fundraising event in Klosters, January from 28th to 31st, 2016.

The proposition?

Businesses enter teams of four to race against the charity’s veterans in Klosters, Switzerland, and have to raise a total of £10,000 per team.  The charity bears the costs of accommodation, ski hire, ski passes and dinners, but does not cover flights or alcohol!  Enlisted so far are teams from Merrill Lynch, Vodafone, BlackRock, Wav​erton and M&G.

The Rugby connection?

Mike Tindall and Ollie Phillips are signed up to compete and would like members of the RBN to join their Business Challenge team and/or form their own teams to compete.

What next?

If you’re an intermediate level skier with a competitive edge and a sense of fun who would like to join Mike and Ollie in making a real difference, follow the three steps below:

  1. Skiing with Heroes to learn more about Skiing With Heroes.
  2. Bid by September 15th to join their team by Enter Your Team.
  3. Get your Skis on and good luck!

To donate, visit the Skiing With Heroes.

Finally, click here to like the Skiing With Heroes​ Facebook page.

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