Former Scotland Sevens player, Dave Millard explains how he was born in Fiji, spent some of his childhood in Zimbabwe and made his way to Scotland with his family, where he ended up playing for the likes of Aberdeen, Coventry, Glasgow Hawks and Glasgow Warriors. Dave says Aberdeen is the club that stands out the most for him, as learning about core team values and developing as a player put him onto his path of professional Rugby.

Dave talks about how he was excited and saddened to make his international break in the Scotland Sevens team in 2005, as on his debut at the Wellington tournament he suffered a hamstring tear. He says this injury got him thinking about the future and needing to be more prepared, in case another injury down the line ended his playing days for good. Fortunately Dave has no lingering feelings of regret for never having played for the national team in the 15-man format, but does admit that he did have thoughts of wanting to pursue a chance of playing for the Fijian national team.

In 2011 Dave retired from professional Rugby on his own terms and he discusses how he studied some courses during his playing career, but had no concrete plans in place for the future. He decided to use the skills he acquired as a professional player and the connections he had made in Rugby to create the Global Rugby Network, of which he is CEO. Dave speaks about how more opportunities in Rugby led him to found this company rather than looking to chase a career in marine biology and zoology, which he has studied at Aberdeen University.

This interesting business has been in operation for 11 years and initially started out supporting amateur and semi-professional players to improve their game and to make business connections away from the field. The company has evolved over time and now focuses on team management systems, video analysis and affordable performance trackers. Having started his business while he was still a player, Dave says that gave him valuable insight as to what players and teams needed, but has become a challenge to keep those connections now that he is no longer a player himself.

The ideas of community, comradery, teamwork, commitment and a need to succeed are the similarities Dave draws on when comparing the Global Rugby Network with The Rugby Business Network. Dave says that speaking to more Rugby Unions and business looking to expand their market reach will assist his company to grow and create a “win-win” situation. Above and beyond his time spent helping Rugby grow through his business, Dave is also part of the 100 World Legends Charity Project and says getting involved with communities and creating relationships is what he hopes will be the outcome of his support to this organisation.


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