Meet the Team

Colm Hannon

Chairman and Founder

  • Vineet Paradhi

    Vineet holds a Masters in International Business Management from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen but today he is a specialist CRM Manager helping companies to structure their data capture systems and make their CRM technology work best for them.

    He works on segmenting databases for The Rugby Business Network - helping to connect with the customer base, improving customer engagement and driving new business opportunities.

    If you require help designing and managing your data capture and management in your CRM system Vineet and his team can help.

  • Sargam Jaju

    The Digital Marketing Manager for the Rugby Business Network. From engaging the stakeholders of RBN to driving the factors that enhances the brand's presence online, she is responsible for the overall digital initiatives.

    Having worked with some fairly influential brands in the past, she has a knack for delivering with a blend of research and creativity

  • Ryan kochery

    The Content manager of the Rugby Business Network. He is responsible for liaising content publishers in the USA to ensure a collaboration of articles, surveys, and studies. He also looks into developing and training content writers into articulating their research articles about events in various US cities.

  • Monit Marolia

    Chief web developer for the Rugby Business Network. He is a design expert that focuses on the improving the website development and creating new ideas to improve user interactivity on the Rugby Business Network website.

  • Pramod Masurkar

    The Chief Designer of the Rugby Business Network. He is responsible for designing creatives for TRBN that includes websites, social media posts, linkedin, twitter and print. In spare time he loves to do doodles, sketches, caricatures. He spends his weekends on outing with friends and watching films and reading novels.



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