Player Placements

Want inspiration? Leon Lloyd is one such player to have made a successful transition into business. Order his book, ‘Life After Sport: From Boot Room to Board Room’, here!

During their career, rugby players may start to become aware of their own mortality and want to consider preparing for the time when they will no longer be able to strap on the boots.

By engaging in a structured work placement throughout the season, players can get exposure to the world outside of rugby, gaining valuable business experience and connections. We also understand the commitments of the modern day player, so flexibility is key. The interests of players, clubs and business must be managed appropriately for all parties involved. During the placement, ongoing feedback and appraisal will be provided, to ensure both the players and businesses are engaged in the process and tangible outcomes achieved.

Initially, combined with already established interests, players will have the opportunity to undertake psychometric testing to see what area of business they may be suited to. Players will also receive LinkedIn training, to make their profiles look professional and attractive to prospective employers. Players themselves must demonstrate they have a passion for business, are willing to act professionally throughout the whole process and do what is required.

If you are a player looking for a work placement or a business leader prepared to take a professional rugby player on placement then please fill in this short form below and our Life After Rugby team will get in touch.

Alternatively, questions, queries or direct contact can be made to

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