Brand Manager Worldwide at Gilbert Rugby, Andrew Challis speaks about his time as team manager at Harlequins during the armature era and then as a Business Director at Fast Track Sales Limited and how those experiences influenced his desire to be involved in Rugby and the marketing side of the sport. Andy mentions the moment […]

The Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players Fund supports all Rugby players within South Africa, who sustain catastrophic, disabling and life-changing injuries while playing the sport.  Tori Gardner is the Marketing & Events Coordinator at the charity and provides a brief history as to how this non-profit organisation was formed and what the vision, mission and […]

International Bestselling Co-author of “The Go-Giver”, Bob Burg explains that he fell into business, having started out in broadcasting and then moving into sales. In 2008 a little story about a powerful business idea took the business world by storm, when along with John David Mann, Bob co-wrote “The Go-Giver”.  He speaks about where the […]

Former England Women Sevens Captain, Abi Chamberlain discusses how she only started playing Rugby at the age of 21 in University and that playing for England was never the goal initially.  Having also played the 15-a-side form of the sport for her country, Abi explains why she favoured Sevens and reveals the greatest moment of […]



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