International Rugby Players Association CEO Omar Hassanein speaks about the difficulties and struggles that professional Rugby players experience when transitioning into business following retirement. “Leaving no gaps in your CV” and planning early for life after Rugby is imperative according to Omar and that Player Associations are there to provide past players with the assistance […]

“The mindset of a successful sportsperson is not that different to the mindset of successful businessperson”, according to former British 400m sprinter Derek Redmond. Derek admits that if it was not for his historic and inspiring moment during the 400m semi-finals at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, he is unsure what career path he […]

Director of Homeless Rugby Darran Martin is giving back to the sport in a significant way, by providing positive sporting opportunities between Rugby clubs and Homeless charities in the United Kingdom. Darran speaks about the importance of “a two way collaborative relationship” existing between his organisation and its generous sponsors, as well as the work […]

Director of Chespond Business & Careers Services, David Peace, has a passion for both Rugby and business, which is the driving force behind the creation of his business over seven years ago. David speaks about the theme of coaching, which brings rugby and businesses together, as well as the positive traits retired professional rugby players […]



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