Being the head coach of an international Rugby team is demanding, but USA Sevens coach Mike Friday takes it in his stride, as he is also the co-founder of Bounce Life Limited in the United Kingdom. He tells The Rugby Business Network how he manages to lead the Eagles, where they have reached an impressive fifth place in the HSBC Sevens World Series this season, as well as growing his business which is a year old.

Mike emphasises the importance of health and well being, which is the driving force behind his decision to branch out in this area of business that is developing at a steady rate. Surrounding yourself with the right people is what makes the balancing act between the USA Sevens team and Bounce Life possible, according to Mike.

Having played professional Rugby with the London Wasps, Mike speaks from experience when he says that players need to start planning for their futures well before their playing days come to an end. Mike also offers sound advice when it comes to financial planning, as it is not equal for players across the Sevens and 15-man formats or from one country to the next.



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