Former USA Rugby captain Dan Lyle says he stumbled into playing Rugby while taking part in tryouts for the NFL and we can all be grateful for this. Dan is now making significant contributions to Rugby and he divulges why he decided to stay involved in the sport once calling time on his professional career with the Eagles fourteen years ago.

Having also racked up 125 caps for Bath in the English Premiership, Dan gives his firsthand account of how players in England and America went about transitioning out of professional rugby and into the working environment. Playing a team sport like Rugby is a significant advantage when it comes to moving into the business space according to Dan, while the administration side of businesses linked with Rugby is what attracted him.

Less than a year ago Dan was announced as the Director of the Rugby Union division at sports and entertainment company AEG, where he reveals that a four-year agreement has been reached with the English Premiership to host regular season matches in the USA.

Dan is also a recent inductee into the USA Rugby Hall of Fame and explains why it is important for this to exist in the American sporting culture, where he hopes the Eagles will rival the more established Rugby Union playing nations in the near future.



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