Leadership and Performance Development Coach, Steve Eaton MBE is a former officer in the UK Special Forces with 25 years of service.  Steve speaks about why he chose a life in the military, how it was rewarding and his first tour to Bosnia being the most memorable. After retiring from the military, Steve explains why he decided to follow the career path as a Performance Development Coach and what attracted him to this field.

Steve has been Director at Panurgy Performance Development Ltd since 2012 and also an associate at DNA Definitive Ltd, which he says is a great environment to work in.  ‘Attitude drives performance’ Steve believes and he talks about the role mental aptitude plays in business. He was awarded an MBE in 2009 for ‘compassionate and inspirational’ leadership demonstrated on global military operations and he mentions why he has adopted a compassionate leadership approach and how leaders in companies can benefit from implementing this leadership style.

Having a choice, learning from failures, teamwork and taking care of oneself are the similar attributes Steve says exist in both military and business. Among the number of degrees, diplomas and certificates Steve has achieved, he has obtained a Master’s degree in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management and how it is useful when he works with people and companies and dealing with their stressful environments.  Steve has a particular interest in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and its prevention, which he elaborates on and also discusses how the knowledge he has as a nationally trained hostage and crisis negotiator has benefited him in his coaching of businesses, as well as various sports teams and elite athletes.

Steve also offers up his time and skills at Help For Heroes, where he is a Programme Facilitator and Coach and describes the programs he is involved in and what is the most rewarding part of working with this charity. Having a desire to be successful comes from a passion for learning Steve says and that finding a balance in his life and remaining healthy are his aspirations which he continually strives to achieve.





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