Dean van Leeuwen is not just the co-founder of TomorrowToday Global, but also a leading keynote speaker, strategy advisor, thought -provocateur, intellectual adventurer and author. He speaks about where his passion for business comes from and how for the past 11 years, TomorrowToday Global has worked with business leaders to assist them in determining what they can do to make their company better and to make a meaningful difference in society. Dean’s company also looks at what megatrends are on the horizon and the disruptive forces that are changing the way businesses interpret new information to build a competitive advantage.

Dean highlights that when his audiences attend his talks, he hopes that they leave with the knowledge that they can influence change, feel inspired and be more curious about the world around them. Dean elaborates on two of the topics he focuses on in his talks, which are Strategy and Change, as well as Future trends and disruptive forces, which play major roles in business. He adds that the biggest challenge most companies face worldwide is poor people engagement, particularly at an emotional level.

The principles Dean uses when assisting businesses can also be applied to professional Rugby teams, as he explains that disruptive forces exist within the sport on and off the field and having the ability to change with the times, is what makes a team great, as he uses the All Blacks as a reference. Dean believes that businesses could learn from the All Blacks by being able to remain a success for many years by adapting during times of change.

Dean discusses why he wrote his book Quest: Competitive Advantage and the Art of Leadership in the 21st Century which was published in the 2015 and touches on what can be expected from his two new books coming out in 2018, Achieve Remarkable Things and Megaquests of the 21st Century. Dean mentions what he believes will be some of the amazing innovations to come in the near future, which will go from being just an idea to a realistic possibility and the role businesses can play in making it a reality.


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“I think the All Blacks are a great example of what businesses should strive towards. Having a key team where you are passing on the baton, you are passing of the knowledge and experience, where you are looking after your players, where you are engaging them on an emotional level and then you are adaptable on the field of play.” – Dean van Leeuwen (Co-Founder & Chief Exploration Officer at TomorrowToday Global)



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