Former Managing Director of Sportstec and revered Entrepreneur, Philip Jackson speaks about starting up this world renowned sports performance analysis company in 1999 and draws on examples of professional sports teams who achieved great success by using the analysis software on offer. Philip touches on the importance networking played during his time at Sportstec to expand the business across the globe and establishing a distribution network in 22 countries.

In 2015, Sportstec was acquired by sports video platform company, Hudl, which led to Philip leaving the company. He opens up on how Hudl took some time to come around to offering the right price to purchase the company and his reasons for bidding farewell to the business he put his heart and soul into for 16 years. Philip also discusses stepping down as Managing Director of Studiocode, which is the non-sports aspect of Sportstec, and his disappointment to see the company on the brink of shutting down, despite the potential it had to grow even bigger. Philip reveals what keeps him busy these days, as he has gone in the opposite direction from Sportstec from “high-tech to no-tech”, predominantly creating anti-aging products, as well as medications for gastro issues and ache.

Being a passionate Kiwi, Philip has a deep-rooted love for sport and Rugby in particular and highlights why businesses should look at sponsoring Rugby teams, with club level presenting many opportunities to do so. Switching off from the business world and taking time to recharge is incredibly important Philip says and he does that by playing Golf and spending quality time with his family. Philip advises companies to know their story and not just their products and services to be able to stay relevant in this rapidly expanding technological age of business.


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“I actually don’t believe that products sell themselves. I think people sell products and you have to network, you have to do exactly what The Rugby Business Network does, be in touch with the right people, not sell you product and sell yourself.” – Philip Jackson (Business Entrepreneur / Former Managing Director of Sportstec)



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