Whether you are a retired professional Rugby player or a former world class sprinter on the Athletics track, Derek Redmond insists that “the mindset of a successful sportsperson is not that different to the mindset of successful businessperson”.

Derek admits that if it was not for his historic and inspiring moment during the 400m semi-finals at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, he is unsure what career path he would have followed after putting away his running shoes. As a successful motivational speaker 25 years later, Derek says it was by chance that he was approached by psychometric assessment provider Thomas International to become their Group Performance Director.

Understanding another person’s behavior while at the same time having self-awareness is fundamental on both the rugby field and in the work place according to Derek. “Sport is a business and business is a sport” is a motto Derek believes in wholeheartedly, as the traits sportsmen and women possess are transferable between the playing field and the business environment. For this reason he claims that former rugby players make some of the best businessmen.

Derek is also confident that by partnering with The Rugby Business Network’s ‘Life After Rugby’ program, Thomas International is able to take bigger steps towards improving people and organisation’s abilities.



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