General Manager of Community Rugby and Strategy at Rugby Australia, Andrew Larratt, is one of four guest speakers lined up for the end-of-year Sydney Rugby Business Network event to be held on November 14th, 2017. Andrew discussed his role and some of the challenges he has faced since coming on board in 2013. Having held various positions at Cricket Australia prior to joining its Rugby counterpart, Andrew mentions the similarities that exist between the two sports bodies with regards to strategic planning and general governance.

Andrew talks about the decision to sack the Western Former from Super Rugby this year and how that situation was handled by both parties, while also sharing some interesting information regarding the decision that was taken. There are a few new and exciting initiatives and projects Rugby Australia are working on to help grow the interest in the sport in the country, which Andrew explains and the positives that can be taken out of 2017, during what has been a year where the negative aspects have been largely focused on by the media and supporters.

At the Sydney Rugby Business Network event, Andrew says he will be highlighting during his speech the unifying capability Rugby has in Australia and across the world, as well as how the sport can be grown in 2018. He also speaks about the importance of having events like these to promote networking and to connect corporates and community through Rugby. Andrew admits that at international level, the corporate partners they have onboard at Rugby Australia is wonderful, although at the schools and club level there could be more assistance from sponsors to aid in the sustainable growth of Rugby in the country. 2017 has been a challenging year for Rugby Australia, however Andrew is optimistic of a significant turnaround in 2018.



Venue: The Red Room, 99 on York, 99 York St, Sydney on Tuesday 14th Nov from 5.30-7.30pm

Tickets: Cost $30 + GST:

To register: click on the link (Eventbrite has a limit of 2 signs per transaction – for multiple transaction please contact Adrian)

Dress: Business attire


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“In terms of how important The Rugby Business Network is and to have these different events, I think it is a really big enabler for people to be able to network, I think it’s about being thought leaders on connecting corporates and communities through Rugby.” – Andrew Larratt (General Manager of Community Rugby & Strategy at Rugby Australia)



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