The Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players Fund supports all Rugby players within South Africa, who sustain catastrophic, disabling and life-changing injuries while playing the sport.  Tori Gardner is the Marketing & Events Coordinator at the charity and provides a brief history as to how this non-profit organisation was formed and what the vision, mission and values are of the Fund. Tori explains that those who have sustained life-changing injuries are mostly club Rugby players and through the ‘Bok Smart’ program, which is a joint initiative with SA Rugby, they raise awareness in Rugby communities and promote safety.

Tori speaks about why she joined the Players Fund in 2014 after previously working at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa and mentions what her job entails now as Marketing & Events Coordinator.  The Springbok players and management have offered their support for this incredible charity for many years and Tori says this helps give the Players Fund that extra bit of credibility in Rugby circles.  Tori lists the associate organisations that support the charity and the mutually beneficial relationship that exists between them.

In June of 2017, 23 year-old Lifa Hlongwa sustained a neck injury during a club Rugby game in Durban and through the assistance of the Players Fund, a Crowd Funding Campaign was set up and Tori discusses Lifa’s story and the ways in which businesses and individuals can offer their financial support to this worthy cause. Tori talks about the psychological and emotional support they also provide the injured players that approach the Players Fund and what some of the initiatives are coming up in 2018 that companies can get involved with so that this amazing organisation can keep making a massive difference.



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