Award winning and highly acclaimed broadcaster, who works for both the BBC and ITV, John Inverdale speaks about how his passion for journalism and broadcast was apparent from childhood and developed into a spectacular and lengthy career in both radio and television. John has had the privilege of broadcasting from many top sporting events over his career, namely the Olympic Games, Wimbledon, FIFA World Cups and Rugby World Cups. He confessed that the highlight of his career was reporting from the 1995 Rugby World Cup final in South Africa and the emotion that was witnessed that day when the Springboks beat the All Blacks.

John admits that Gaelic Football and Hurling are two sports that enjoys watching, but has never reported on and would relish the opportunity to do so should it arise. Being such a high-profile broadcast presenter as John, criticism is bound to rise as a result of something said or done while on camera. He concedes that he has made his mistakes, but does not allow them to inhibit him getting on with the job, which is why he has been in the industry for over three decades.

Having played Rugby up until the age of 48, John talks about being involved with Rugby from a young age and how his passion never withered, as he is the Chairman of Rugby at Esher RFC. John touches on the fragility of semi-professional Rugby clubs and how his evolvement with Esher is like a drug. John is also a trustee of Touraid and discusses how this charity assists children in underprivileged countries and brings them to the United Kingdom to play Rugby. He also mentions how Touraid is a charity partner of The Rugby Business Network and what makes it a great relationship.

John reveals some of his other joys away from broadcasting and Rugby, one of them being his enjoyment of mowing the lawn and how he could have seen himself as a grounds man. The longevity of his broadcasting career is John’s greatest achievement, while he admits that his biggest regret was not taking opportunities to continue his career in other parts of the world.


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“Those people who are involved with The Rugby Business Network, and it can be any charity, I think that is where The Rugby Business Network is a great tool actually to get us to do good, not just for ourselves, but for the wider community.” – John Inverdale (Sports Presenter / Trustee of Touraid)



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