There are not many people who can say they are changing lives, while at the same time making a significant contribution to Rugby. Darran Martin is one of these incredible individuals based of the work he does as Direct of Homeless Rugby.

This inspiring organisation is still in its early stages of development, but were still named Community Project of the Year in 2015 at both the City of Worchester Sports Awards and at the Sports Partnership Awards. Darran says the idea behind Homeless Rugby is being able to facilitate strong partnerships between Rugby clubs and local homeless charities to help create positive sporting opportunities.

Homeless Rugby relies on the generosity of businesses to assist the non-profit organisation expand across the United Kingdom, but Darran insists that it is not always financial support they require. A mutually beneficial partnership between Homeless Rugby and their sponsors is a top priority for Darran, saying “it’s a two way collaborative relationship”. Collaborating with other charitable organisations and businesses involved in giving back to Rugby has also allowed players from Homeless Rugby to find jobs.

Homeless Rugby have a number of exciting up and coming tournaments and would greatly appreciate your support by simply visiting



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