Managing Director of The Final Whistle, Greg Mumm, speaks about his personal struggles with mental health after a career ending injury at a young age and how it left him with a loss of identity. Greg is the Guest Event Host for the Sydney RBN event on August 7th, where the focus will be on raising awareness of mental health and the repercussions for people at all levels of rugby.

Greg discusses his transition into coaching, where part of his 10 year career included assisting Fiji at two World Cups, and then his transition into the business side of career coaching and personal development coaching, which he admits would not have happened had he not suffered his own career ending injury.

Removing the stigma attached to mental health and encouraging open communication on the topic in the rugby community is needed and Greg insists these barriers are slowly being removed. This important conversation around mental health will be elaborated on by the esteemed guest panel speakers at the event in Sydney, consisting of former Wallabie Brendan Cannon, highly experienced psychologist Tahnee Schulz and Founder of the Mental Health Movement Dan Hunt.

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