Former professional Rugby player for the Waratahs, Western Force and Leeds Carnegie, Gareth Hardy touches on his experience of playing at an elite level in the country of his birth, Australia and then in England.  Gareth never got the opportunity to play for the Wallabies during his career, but does hold any resentment or regrets.

During his professional career, Gareth worked equally as hard off the field, as he studied for a degree in Applied Science and then for a Masters in Business. He speaks about how the Australian Rugby Union and the players association assisted with his studies, which he took full advantage of and is grateful for the degrees he has achieved.  Despite making significant plans for life after during his Rugby career, Gareth insists that his transition away from the sport was still difficult, as he had to adjust to his new lifestyle.

Gareth is the co-founder and Sales Director at business telecommunications company, 1823 Group and he talks about the services the company offers and explains their particular involvement with businesses and Rugby clubs in the UK. He mentions his company’s greatest success and how they try to assist Rugby clubs better prepare themselves to make sure that they continue to grow financially. Gareth touches on how honesty and discipline are the key values he has noticed that are required in both professional Rugby teams and businesses alike to make them succeed.

Apart from the work he does at 1823 Group, Gareth is also an event organiser for The Rugby Business Network in London and he mentions how he got involved with the organisation and the best quality it possesses. Gareth says that constantly trying to improve is the goal he strives to achieve in his business career, which has taken off and is building gradually.



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