Former England Women Sevens Captain, Abi Chamberlain discusses how she only started playing Rugby at the age of 21 in University and that playing for England was never the goal initially.  Having also played the 15-a-side form of the sport for her country, Abi explains why she favoured Sevens and reveals the greatest moment of her career.

Abi speaks about a low point in her career when she was dropped from the England Sevens squad, which forced her to look at moving on from the sport and onto the next chapter of her life.  Before retiring, Abi had the privilege along with 19 other players, to become first ever female professional Rugby players in England and she details what this meant to her on a personal level and for women’s Rugby in the country as a whole.

When it came time for Abi to transition in a business career, she says figuring out where she could add value and how could the skills she learnt in Rugby be applied in Business are some of the plans she put in place during her Rugby career.  Abi speaks about how The Rugby Business Network assisted her through the Life After Rugby program and how attending the networking events helped introduce her to different people in the corporate environment.  Abi is currently a Performance Coach and Trainer at Paysafe Group in London and she mentions some of the challenges she has had to tackle and overcome during her first year in the corporate world.

Accountability is the main transferable skill Abi says she has taken from her Rugby playing days and applied to her Business career, while ensuring that each player on the Rugby field adds value to the team is a leadership trait she is also using at Paysafe Group. Abi says growing your network and understanding your core values is the best advice she can offer retiring professional players looking to transition into a career in business.




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