ZNAPLast February, the RFU introduced a payment system called ZNAP® at Twickenham which enhances match day experiences by taking away the need to queue at the 6 bars in the iconic stadium.

ZNAP® is an innovative mobile business payment platform that promises to make match days a whole lot easier and more enjoyable for people who want to order and pay for refreshments before, during and after the game. Half times too will see less queuing to pay for both food and drinks because anyone who has downloaded the app will have already paid for everything they want – a real bonus for those who hate queuing for a beer.

Special Offers & Loyalty Rewards

Another bonus is that using the app you benefit from special offers and loyalty rewards so not only do you avoid queuing but you get the chance to find out about a few deals and build up your rewards at the same time, making it a win-win app that promises to make waiting to be served a favourite tipple a thing of the past on match days.

A Flagship Product

The app is not only user-friendly but it also provides an extremely secure platform on which to carry out mobile transactions dispensing with the need to carry extra cash on match days. You have the choice of having your refreshments delivered to you or if preferred, you can collect whatever you’ve purchased in person.

Hooman Mazaheri, European CEO for ZNAP®, expects the system will be a one-stop shop that many other sports venues will make available to event goers in the not too distant future and which will enhance match day experiences in many different ways which includes being able to avoid queuing for refreshments!

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