The Rugby Business Network Podcast

This global network was set up in 2010 with a vision of building a community that connects rugby, business and charity. Today our network has more than 38,000 members attending our events in more than 60 cities around the world, helping and inspiring each other.

Over the last seven years we have built what has now become the world’s biggest and most influential network for senior business people with a passion for rugby. It is now time that we extend this opportunity beyond our organisers and members so that the whole world can benefit from these motivational stories, experiences and advice.

We bring you The Rugby Business Network Podcast.


Coaching for a life after Rugby

Rugby players being coached on the field is not that much different to an individual being coached and guided into a career that best suits them. This is the belief of David Peace, the Director of Chespond Business & Careers Services.

With a passion for Rugby and business, David explains that the concept of coaching, which exists in both settings, is the underlying theme that brings the two together in his life.

“Helping people make the best of their own abilities” is the part of the reason David set up Chespond over seven years ago. Listening, gathering information, watching interactions and communication skills are traits witnessed on the Rugby field that are also used in careers coaching according to David. He also believes that a high work ethic and using mistakes as a learning experience is what sets professional rugby players apart from others when transitioning into the business environment. Although the biggest challenge David has observed in retired players is their reluctance to move on with their lives.

David also became part of The Rugby Business Network family in January 2016 when he took up the role of coordinator for the organisation in Scotland. He says the past year has been productive in raising awareness about the Life After Rugby program and gives his opinion on the different ways businesses can put back into Rugby sustainably.



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