What makes rugby unique? By James Barraclough

I think anyone who has played rugby before would agree that there is something about rugby that promotes brotherhood and personal connections between teammates and opponents alike. Not only have I made amazing friends playing rugby, but I’ve made new connections with people based solely on our shared love for the sport, regardless of whether […]

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What is The Rugby Business Network?

  The Rugby Business Network is a not for profit venture that aims to be the World’s number 1 facilitator of online and offline business networking amongst rugby people within the next 12 months. Rugby people have a certain ethos and culture that translates into the business world, by providing a platform we hope to […]

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Ask not what your club can do for you!!

One of the best pieces of advice that I could give to anyone starting out in their career, or taking a break in the middle of their career, (enforced or otherwise) is to volunteer at your local club. By volunteering on the management committee, or somewhere else in your club you will get exposure to […]

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The Squad is an exclusive networking community where senior and influential members of The Rugby Business Network can connect, get introductions and offer services to the right people at the right time.
The Squad members have access to a collaboration platform that is based on the simple premise of enabling members to quickly and easily Give and Get help. It works by capturing relevant information about individuals, and the companies they represent, then matching them to the most reverent opportunities.
The platform also has a built in a rewards system to thank you for helping other Squad members so your contributions won’t go unnoticed.
If you are interested in becoming a members of The Squad please contact Eamonn Gallagher,

To be in The Squad you must be one of the following :

  • An RBN event organiser
  • A major RBN sponsor
  • An RBN commercial partner
  • A former RBN speaker
  • A former RBN host
  • A Trusted Supplier

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