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Trans-World Credit Corporation

October 13, 2015 11:23 am
Contact number: Jeremy J Hughes Managing Director 0203 205 7265
Recommended by: Colm Hannon Eamonn Gallagher
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Short Description: The Trans-World Credit Corporation meets client’s credit insurance requirements with the application of key analytical protocols. Drawing from our global experience we look at not only the big picture but also the finer details. Not every company who credit insures should, yet there are plenty who don’t that at some point in their history wish they had. By analysing both historical data and the present risk portfolio, we introduce model based applications that identify near term and long term solutions, addressing both the need for a retrospective assessment of the existing program and where and when alternative strategies could be taken. The Trans-World Credit Corporation with its global reach brings together a wide array of Insurance and finance solutions in the world of Trade Finance and Credit Risk. Our credit professionals have experience of managing clients with turnovers in excess of $1bn trading in all the major trading centres of the world. Our clients are global, our solutions are infinite.
Level 1 Devonshire House, 1Mayfair Place London, London, UK W1J 8AJ
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