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Relationship Audits

Contact number: Carey Evans, Founder and JMP 0207 287 1737, 07885 474414
Recommended by: Colm Hannon and Eamonn Gallagher
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Short Description: Relationship Audits® gives blue chip companies a fuller picture of their strategic partner relationships to help them maximise their commercial potential. The company was established in London and now has a global presence with offices in the US, Australia, France, Germany, South Africa, the Netherlands and Nordic countries. All our people have long experience of managing high value relationships. Our clients commission us to help them: • Secure and grow their key client or customer relationships • Make key supplier relationships more productive and deliver better value • Ensure agendas are aligned with other commercial partners to common beneficial outcomes • Better leverage their key resource – their own people by identifying congruency of personal and corporate goals • Improve the quality of their relationship capital by up-skilling their people through a series of specialised training programmes. We work with our clients in one of two ways. Either, 1. We act as their empowered agent, to conduct relationship assessments and where required report back with recommendations for action, or 2. We make them self sufficient in the process by licensing the use of our market proven IP and provide full training and support for its implementation We have worked across many different industry types including marketing services, professional services, financial services, business services, automotive, pharmaceuticals, telecoms, fmcg products, confectionery, entertainment, household products, retail and others. All our work recognises the fact that beyond the formal commercial contract, people are the pivots of relationships and can be the tipping points, for good or bad.
Hammersley House, 5-8 Warwick Street,, London, UK W1B 5LX


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