Rugby Business Network Northampton and Milton Keynes launch event; Thursday 11 December 2014

The RBN has grown to a point where we need professionals supporting the volunteer organising committees around the World.  I’m a volunteer myself and I understand how big an undertaking it is to run local events.

paddyPaddy Wright, who has been running the Life After Rugby Programme, is going to become Programmes Director and oversee the various RBN staff.

Just so everyone is clear on what the RBN programmes look like, here is a summary:

Life After Rugby – we work closely with the players’ associations to help professional players make the transition into business life.  Rather than being solely a welfare operation, we aim to support players with a genuine passion for business, whether that be helping them with job placements or assisting them in starting a business.

This programme requires on-going investment by the RBN and is the main reason we seek to generate revenue through some of the other programmes (we remain a not-for-profit organisation).

Trusted Suppliers – those who have attended RBN events and have been recommended by two event organisers can get a listing on the Trusted Supplier Directory.  A one-year listing with access to The Squad (see below) and early invitations to all RBN events in your country of operation costs just £560 or for a two-year listing it’s £1,000.

All event organisers, speakers, hosts and sponsors get on the Trusted Supplier list and in The Squad for free.  If the Trusted Supplier listings are sold in a country other than the UK, then 80% of the revenue goes to the local RBN and 20% goes centrally to support the running costs.  Our hope is to one day have full-time support staff in each RBN country.  For more info contact

The Squad – The Squad is a private, online business introduction community that is exclusively for event organisers, Trusted Suppliers, speakers (leading players and businesspeople), event hosts and RBN sponsors.

Eamonn Gallagher is our Squad Manager, tasked with getting you listed and then helping you to interact in a mutually beneficial way with other Squad members.  You can contact Eamonn on

Tedworth_88031Golf – we are running a number of golf days in England and Wales in partnership with Rugby’s Golf Club and all the proceeds will go to Help for Heroes and Life After Rugby.  The days are all listed on

Jason Leaonard is the Captain and Ian Robertson the President.  To get involved, contact or  Tony can also arrange your corporate golf day- drop him a line if you’re interested.

6Wine – We are in partnership with Schalk Burger, Schalk Burger Senior and Simon Halliday, the ex-England World Cup finalist who is a director of

They are giving half the profit on each bottle of wine from their award winning collection to the Life After Rugby Programme.  If you know anyone who buys wine commercially or privately, please connect them with us and we can meet them over a glass of wine or two.  You can email Hallers on

Charities – Nikki Brown, our Partnerships Manager, is introducing our partner charities to RBN event organisers.  In order to be a charity partner, there has to be a rugby link.  We currently work with a number of very worthwhile charities, such as Atlas Foundation, Bubhesi Pride, Help For Heroes, Restart, Matt Hampson Foundation, The Cauliflower Club, The Ben Kende Foundation, The Serge Between Academy, Rugby Uncle, Hitz, The School of Hard Knocks and SOS Kit Aid.

If you don’t currently work with rugby charities, then now might just be the time.

Murderball-Rugby-8-300x200We are supporting the Murder Ball again this year, so if you’d like your company to form a Wheelchair Rugby team and play in a tournament with top players before enjoying a black tie ball at Twickenham Stadium, then get in touch.

All proceeds go to the London and Leicester wheelchair rugby teams who help paralysed or otherwise injured people to play wheelchair rugby.  It is one of the most fun events you are ever likely to attend and is a great way to spend time with colleagues or clients.  Visit or buy your tickets via The Matt Hampson Foundation’s website.

The RBN Professional Development Programme – Rob Cromey-Hawke runs this programme, which aims to do the following:

  • Allow companies to access world-class rugby speakers to inspire and educate their staff.
  • Maintain a directory of professional development training and courses provided by our members.
  • Provide e-learning and online training from our members to our members.
  • Offer players and business leaders as mentors to our members.
  • Run leadership development breakfasts across London.

You can email Rob Cromey-Hawke on

Other news

We have hired a CRM Manager called Vineet Paradhi, who will be segmenting our data and focusing on how to use it to communicate in a more targeted way with our members.

If you have any suggestions for Vineet relating to CRM, then please get in touch.  He is going to be a very busy man, but in many ways our most important when it comes to marketing and communications.

We recently moved offices and are now a couple of miles from Twickenham in Building 3 at Chiswick Business Park.  If you work in or near Chiswick Business Park, please do come over and say hello.  You can email me

If you are looking for office space in SW London, we would highly recommend it.  You can contact our new commercial partners, Regus, who will be happy to help.  The man who can is Jeff Mollet, a Kiwi and, unsurprisingly, a rugby man

The Future

The RBN is growing rapidly and we need funding to help manage it.  However, we want to make sure that we make everything we do as fun, productive and helpful as possible, whilst retaining the ethos and goodwill that got us to this point.

We believe the relationship between rugby and business needs to be a two-way value exchange in order to be sustainable.  We would like to thank the people who put back into rugby and the businesses who are finding innovative ways to support the rugby community, so our next project will be an awards night to recognise those people.

If you would like to help us organise and run the awards, then please get in touch.  It is going to be a very different awards night and a huge amount of fun.

I look forward to seeing you at an event near you soon.

All the very best,

Colm Hannon

Founder, The Rugby Business Network

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