jiAfter nearly two months of utterly thrilling rugby, it’s quite nice, from a journalist’s point-of-view, to be able to summarise the World Cup very simply: the best team won.

The All Blacks showed the way from start to finish and then carried on long after the final whistle, with young fans and dear departed friends all benefitting from their seemingly endless humility. It’s hard to argue that any team could better wear the title of World Champions for the next four years and quite impossible to say they don’t deserve it. Good luck to them (not that they need it).

For the Home Nations, the post-World Cup analysis will be a mixed affair. Wales will bemoan little except bad orthopaedic luck, Scotland will look beyond refereeing idiosyncrasies to a bright future with cracking young players and a superb coach, Ireland have some huge boots to fill, but look well placed to do just that, and England, oh gawd, England.

They have selected a bizarre panel to review their own shortcomings, along with a little help from people with no association to the game (not necessarily a bad thing). They have just lost Sam Burgess after an embarrassing saga that was absolutely none of his own making, further destabilising those currently holding the reigns. The English amongst us will continue to cringe as the headlines keep coming and everyone else can either ignore the whole shambles or allow themselves a little schadenfreude. Meanwhile, the bookies have them as favourites to win a Grand Slam in four months’ time. Yes, they really do.

RBN members will have the opportunity to ask some searching questions of their own on the 3rd December when we hold our Christmas Supper on the Bengal Clipper at Shad Thames. Chris Robshaw and John Inverdale will be giving their opinions on what, by then, could be England’s newest new dawn. It will not be one to miss.

Ex-Scotland international and RBN regular Hugh McHardy is organising the event and anyone who knows rugby will know what that means. It will not be a quiet night and nothing crucial should be booked for Friday morning.

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Thanks to our global partners, Marriott, Etihad and CNBC, we are able to hold free networking events worldwide that provide not only fantastic business opportunities with like-minded folk, but hugely fun rugby events.

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